Primers & Distempers

Primers: The walls have porosity, which means the surface is rough and porous. Primer closes the porous and makes the surface even and smooth. This removes the patches of colors that are leftover earlier. Any color painted on the primer surface gives wide coverage and durability. Cement surface emits a lot of moisture besides forming alkaline substances. As a result of moisture and alkaline, walls gradually suffer erosion and get weakened. Primer de-moisturizes the surface and prevents formation of alkaline substances. A new brand of wall Primer introduced by Surya Colors was an instant hit in the market. This won the appreciation of painters and satisfaction of consumers.

Distempers: A wide range of distempers are available in several beautiful shades. We have created a stunning yet simple look to many houses. Every collection of paint is innovative and ready-to-use finishes are available for interior & exterior surfaces.

Protac Dual Primer

image of cement primer

Ruby Dual Primer

image of cement primer

Lasya pouch distemper

Image of distemper