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How texture paints can change your home?

Every house has something exclusive that stands out; The one thing that catches the eye when one enters in. Paints, in general, add the liveliness of your home, making it your own, and to take it a step further, at Surya colors we give you hundreds of options in textured paints that give the depth and beauty you desire.

What are textured paints?

                Textured paint is a paint of heavy consistency and coarse grain consisting usually of gypsum and sand with a water-thinned binder and used for creating a rough patterned effect on a wall. A great texture always creates a stunning look with the semi-smooth finish and just feels good running your hand through the wall feeling the designs.

Why choose textured paints?

               Textured paints give your walls an elegant finish, it transforms a plain wall into a design, giving it volume and depth. It’s like turning a plain piece of paper into art. They can be used for your interior spaces and exteriors.

And when the options at Surya colors are unlimited, there is no limit to how you choose to transform your space. While the look of textured paints is great, that’s not the only purpose they serve. The semi-smooth texture makes it easier to collect dust that can be wiped off easily, making them more durable. In addition to this, textured paints can also be used to cover up any imperfections in your walls.

How to choose the right texture for your home?

                   Don’t worry, we will always help you out in making the right choice. When picking a texture for your wall, here are some key points to keep in mind before deciding.

  1. Space:

          Where you plan to use the texture is important. Some textures with more vibrant patterns are best suited for large interior spaces such as living or dining. While the subtle ones are best suited for small spaces like bedrooms and offices. The coarser ones work beautifully when painted in the exteriors.

  1. Color palette:

           The color palette is the key to everything when painting your home. Once you’ve zeroed in on your walls, make sure to pick textures that work with the chosen colors. Please consult a professional who can help you out further.

  1. Visibility:

           When you choose a textured wall, it’s important to have it in a spacious setting, so the wall is highlighted in the room. Choose a wall that isn’t covered up by furniture or has windows. And to make it stand out even more, make sure it’s the wall facing the entrance of the room, or that’s right where the natural light falls. This makes sure the textured wall stands out the most.

We understand that it’s never easy to choose, but lucky for you, we are an expert in textured paints. For more information, or please visit us at Surya Colors. We’re Our team of experts is always happy and ready to help.