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5 reasons to choose Surya Colours…

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well” and we couldn’t agree more! And what better way than to arrange them on the walls of your beautiful home. It’s a long tedious process to zero in on the type of the paint, the color palette, and the colors themselves. But here, at Surya Colors, well make every bit of your journey to your dream home a cakewalk. There are innumerable products, brands, and recommendations out there but here are 5 reasons why you should choose Surya colors over everything else.


1. Best quality

We couldn’t be any prouder of the fact that we provide you with the best quality paints in the market. The pigments in our paints are emulsified so well, giving you a beautiful and even color tone all over. They’re long-lasting and do not fade over time. The high quality of our products makes the application process easier too. Our quality is a promise to you and your dream home.

2. Design options

Surya Colors is known for the wide range of products it offers. We not only provide various color palettes; we also specialize in textured paints and designs for your walls. We build on your ideas and interests. Our experts help you visualize and pick the theme and various unique designs from various catalogs and put together the exact design concept you have in mind. Bringing your ideas to life is our responsibility.

3. Durability

Just as a perfect, solid foundation makes a house durable, the surface wall putty is what makes paints and walls durable. Surya color is a proud owner of the “Tufit” range, which offers wall putty, crack fixers, and tile fixers among others.
The Tufit wall putty gives you the silky-smooth surfaces you desire, the Tufit crack fixer is your solution to the exterior and interior cracks, and the Tufit tile fixer ensures your tiles are held in place perfectly and can protect them from cracks during the laying process. All these products ensure you a long-lasting home for years to come.

4. Personalization

What makes a house a home? A family makes a house a home. It’s where your loved ones feel like they belong, and we ensure that each of our family members gets the room they desire. Personalization is the key to feeling a sense of belonging. We can cater to all your design needs, likes, and dislikes and make each room, each wall unique, like it is handmade made just for you; in this case, hand-painted just for you!

5. Economical and eco friendly

Yes, you heard it right! Now going eco-friendly does not burn a hole in your pocket when you choose Surya colours. We offer you competitive market prices for the products you choose, and you always get value for the price you pay. And we take pride in saying that all our products are safe and hygienic.

When you build a dream home, we know and understand that it’s meant to last a lifetime, and we will gladly help in doing so. Our products provide you the best quality and durability while giving you hundreds of options to choose from. Please contact us for more information regarding our products and services. We would love to assist you in every way possible.