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TUFIT Interior [Wet mineral plaster and Builders putty (smooth)]

TUFIT interior is an acrylic based wet plaster, can be applied on sponge finish cement wall to get smooth finish. It can be applied as 2 or 3 coats giving an interval of a minimum 6 hours between the coats. Ensure complete driving of the coated plaster.

TUFIT Medium:

TUFIT medium is used to level the surface to cover the undulations on the wall & ceiling. It covers 1.5 mm to 3mm thickness. Over TUFIT medium apply TUFIT interior to get smooth finish. Apply PROTAC cement primer after sanding & removing the dust.

TUFIT Rough:

TUFIT Rough is used to cover rough and big undulations where greater thickness of coating is required to level the surface. Second coat of cement plastering can be avoided by using TUFIT rough.

  • Better whiteness
  • Better smoothness
  • Better adhesion
  • Seals airline cracks
  • More coverage
  • Anti cracking, flaking & rusting
Packing Available in 1kg, 5kg & 25kg HDPE laminated bag
Shelf life 6 months from the date of manufacturing in an un-opened bag, kept away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • 15-20 Sft / kg < 0.5 mm thickness / 1 coat
  • 7-10 Sft / kg < 1 mm thickness / 2 coat