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Tufit Water Proofing Slurry

TUFIT flexible water proofing slurry is a single component polymer modified cementitious slurry used on substrate that are exposed to water in liquid or in vapour form is the most destructive waterproofing element for building materials such as concrete, masonry and natural stones.


TUFIT flexible water proofing slurry used to protect structures which can expose to periodic and long term wetting such as surface (capillary) water, seepage water, hydrostatic pressure, soil dampness etc.

It can be used for interior & exterior wall surface special applications for sealing and waterproofing of basement walls of swimming pools as well as walls and floors in bathrooms, balconies and terrace as a waterproofing layer to be filled over.

It has excellent long-term weathering resistance, good scratch resistance, good load-carrying capacity and much higher water-vapour permeability than most of the other systems. It can be used on damp and wet mineral surfaces. Physical properties are also less temperature dependent compared to bitumen, epoxy based materials.

It has high diffusion resistance and chemically resistant to chloride, sulphate ions, carbon dioxide, and other aggressive substances.

  • For interior & exterior use.
  • More elasticity and flexibility
  • High strength of bond, excellent in waterproofing
  • Excellent resistant in outside weather conditions
  • Receives all types of tile and stone
  • Non toxic
Packing Available in 1 kg and 5 kg pouches
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an un-opened pack. Kept away from direct sunlight & heat