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Tufit Uniform

TUFIT UNIFORM multi plaster is cement polymer modified plaster in powder form to cover big undulations. It has superior adhesive strength, durability and increase the life of paints. One or two curing can enhance the strength. It renders a smooth and durable surface suitable for all kinds of paint.

TUFIT POLYMER PLASTER is white cement based product and water resistant. It can be applied on concrete, mortar, mywan structure walls to level the surface. It can level the surface up to 20 mm undulations. It can be applied even on moist surface. Polymer plaster can be used for interior and exterior application. Polymer plaster is one of best product since it has more adhesive strength, durability and increase the life of paints. It does not require curing.


Apply TUFIT uniform multi plaster to cover big undulations on cleaned surface with the help of putty blade or trowel. Allow the surface to dry for at least 6 hours. It acts as base coat for TUFIT interior & exterior and then apply TUFIT smooth to get the desired smooth finish. Allow it (Touch dry 1-2 hours; hard dry 6-12 hours) to dry completely. The surface is now ready for plastering.


It serves as filler, leveller for wall surfaces and enhance the durability.

Special Features

It gives excellent levelling for wall finish. Surface cracks are hidden. Very good flexible in comparison with normal cement. In damp area it increases binding strength. The surface crack born sponge finish, neeru finish can be replaced with Tufit uniform. Excellent water resistant. Good breathing property. Abrasive resistance increases day by day and enhance the durability.

  • Excellent levelling plaster for interior & exterior
  • Good flexibility than normal cement plaster
  • Excellent water resistant & better adhesive strength
  • Acts as repair plaster (electrical, plumbing & renovation civil works)
  • Better coverage with multiple usage

Packing Available in 20kg HDPE laminated bag
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an un-opened bag, kept away from direct sunlight & heat
  • 5 - 7 sft / kg /1 coat at 3mm thickness