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Tufit Tilefix

TUFIT tilefix is dry cement based thin bed technology which has unique additives to improve the performance of the tile adhesive. This can be used for interior and exterior surface. TUFIT Tilefix complies to DIN 18156 and other standards.


TUFIT Tilefix is to be applied with special notched trowel in thin layer and spread uniformly. The thickness of the ribs will depend on the size and type of the tile. Spreading larger areas may result in the mortar drying before tiles can be pressed home causing poor adhesion. The working time will vary according to the porosity of the surface and climatic conditions. Ensure a solid bedding, no voids & air pockets behind the tiles. Apply the mortar sparingly. Buttering the mortar on the back of the tile is not recommended.

  • Unique thin bed technology
  • Good work ability
  • Good water retention capability
  • High degree of non-sag properties
  • Good wetting of substrate
  • Multipurpose interior & exterior usage
Packing Available in 1kg, 5kg and 20kg & 25kg HDPE laminated bag
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an un-opened pack. Kept away from direct sunlight & heat
  • 80 sft / 20 kg at 3 mm thickness