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Tufit Deluxe Putty

A new brand of wall Primer introduced by Surya Colours was an instant hit in the market. Won the appreciation of painters and satisfaction of consumers.

Quality and coverage made Protac to be ahead of other primers. Wall have porosity that means surface is rough and porous. Protac primer closes the porous and makes the surface even and smooth. This will remove the patches of colours remained earlier. As a result, any colour painted on Protac primer surface gives wide coverage and durability. Cement surface emits lot of moisture besides forming alkaline substances. As a result of moisture and alkaline, walls gradually suffer erosion and get weakened. Protac Primer prevents this danger. It has unique nature that de-moisturize the surface and prevent formation of alkaline substances. Protac primer is water-based paint. On the contrary, enamel paints cannot absorb moisture emanation from cement walls. As a result, paint gets worn out after sometime, giving ugly look at the surface and in the long run, it will even damage the walls. Protac primer firmly sticks to the walls and gives durability to the colours.

Protac costs 15-20 % lesser than the other Primers. The fine particles of Protac gives a very smooth finish to the walls.

  • Cement Primer
  • Alkali resistant
  • Forms uniform background
  • Protection for finished coat
  • Interior & Exterior primer in Protac range
Packing Available in 1lt, 4It, 10It & 20It in containers
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an un-opened container, kept away from direct sunlight and heat
  • 200-250 Sft / 1ltr on Tufit smooth
  • 100-150 Sft / 1ltr / on cement wall