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We shall maintain fair dealings with all our business associates based on trust and responsibility for mutual growth.
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About us

Vision :

Provide building industry with innovative but cost-effective products for future needs.

To surpass customer expectations is our highest endeavour. Customer needs define our product range. Constant efforts to maintain at all levels of performance in manufacturing processes to achieve desired level of quality.

Origin of Surya Colours
Growing demand in the construction industry, made us to start our journey in Architectural coatings from Surya Colours. Customer needs define our product range.

Surya Colours located at Piduguralla, Guntur dist, AP, India is backed up by the strong research and development team and the experience gained in construction industry over the past 2 decades.  Surya Colours has won the confidence and overwhelming response from the designers, builders and dealers alike for its quality and consistent standards. We use best raw material and monitor the process of manufacturing at every stage to ensure high standards of quality.

Surya Colours is certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001 certification from German company, TUV NORD for the scope of Design, Manufacturing and supply of Dry Cement Plasters, Dry Mortars, Wet Plasters and Architectural coatings (TUFIT Brand) and Decorative Paints (Surya Colours)

We believe “Quality is never an accident it is the result of planning, team work and commitment to excellence.
Quality with Surya Colours: Surya Colours is supported by strong technical team with the cutting edge technology methods for monitoring the quality. We have a galaxy of doctorates supporting the R&D. Surya Colours is using top quality raw materials (from top to bottom) in manufacturing of all products. Surya colours testing procedure includes with raw materials, in process, finish product testing. 

We have a wide range of products including Plasters(Putty), Paints, Primers, Texture Paints, Scratch Finish, Tele Fix, Water Proofing Slurry, Dry Cement Plaster and Gold, Silver metallic colours. Our product range is crossed 100 varieties for different application. Take a look at some of our products in our new range:


TUFIT interior is an acrylic based wet plaster, can be applied on sponge finish cement wall to get smooth finish. read more

Tufit Crack Filler

TUFIT crack filler is easy to work and shape, fine and smooth filler for filling cracks, holes, chips either in interior or exterior cement, concrete, brick, stone and cellular concrete.read more

Tufit Deluxe Putty

TUFIT deluxe putty is ultra white washable plaster for interior application. It has superior adhesive strength, durability and increase the life of paints, It renders a smooth and semi-gloss finish. It serves as filler, leveller for wall surface and enhance the durability. read more

Distempers and Emulsions

A wide range of emulsions and distempers are available in several beautiful shades which we've worked and created stunning but simple looks for our home. All collection of paints are innovative and ready-to-use finishes available for interior & exterior surfaces. read more

Tufit Dry Cement Plaster

TUFIT dry cement plaster is cement modified plaster, can be applied on any kind of absorbent surface for smooth final finish, in general terms it can be called as putty. It is water resistant material which can be used particularly where seepage and dampness is more. read more

Tufit Metallic Paint

TUFIT metallic paint is water based paint, provides a rich reflective finish for interior and exterior decor, made with real metallic pigments. It can be applied on wall, wood, asbestos & furniture. Quickly dries, available in gold, silver, copper, bronze, maroon and other tinted shades.read more

Protac Cement Primer

A new brand of wall Primer introduced by Surya Colours was an instant hit in the market. Won the appreciation of painters and satisfaction of consumers.read more

Tufit Water Proofing Slurry

TUFIT flexible water proofing slurry is a single component polymer modified cementitious slurry used on substrate that are exposed to water in liquid or in vapour form is the most destructive waterproofing element for building materials such as concrete, masonry and natural stones. read more

Tufit Tilefix

TUFIT tilefix is dry cement based thin bed technology which has unique additives to improve the performance of the tile adhesive. This can be used for interior and exterior surface. TUFIT Tilefix complies to DIN 18156 and other standards.read more

Tufit Textures

TUFIT textures are easy to apply, ideal for hiding imperfections and is reinforced with inter woven fibers for added durability. Can be applied over new and previously painted interior and exterior surfaces.read more

Tufit Uniform

TUFIT UNIFORM multi plaster is cement polymer modified plaster in powder form to cover big undulations. It has superior adhesive strength, durability and increase the life of paints. One or two curing can enhance the strength. It renders a smooth and durable surface suitable for all kinds of paint.read more